The cases and treatment methods of buying continuous concrete batching plant

      The cases and treatment methods of buying continuous concrete batching plant

      When commercial concrete batching plants equipment installation is completed, the commercial concrete mixing station that customers bought will be a period of transition. What will the newly-purchased ready mix concrete plants experience any kind of situation? How should it be dealt with?

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      Professional mini mobile batching plant staff summed up the new concrete mixing stations. The daily use about five major aspects are: wear speed, poor lubrication concrete block making machine, loosening, leakage occurs, operational errors and more.

      Next, the aspects described in detail:

      1. Wear speed

      Due to the impact of the new machine parts processing, commodity concrete mixing station assembly and other factors, with a smaller surface contact area, has a uneven pressure state surface . In this case, if the overload operation, it may lead to the destruction of parts Mobile Brick Making Machine, occurs early failure. Such as: mixing station master blade;

      2. Poor lubrication

      Because commodity concrete mixing station with a small gap new assembly parts mini batching plant, and because of assembly reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniformity with the gap, the lubricant (grease) in the friction surface is not easy to form a uniform film, to prohibit wear. Thereby reducing the effectiveness of lubrication, resulting in the early parts of abnormal wear. It will cause serious friction with precision surface scratches or bite, leading to failure.

      3. loosening

      There is a bias with the size and geometry of the initial application, due to shock, vibration, and other alternating load, and the effect of thermal deformation and other factors, coupled with excessive wear and tear, etc. reason, easy to make the original fastening parts loose.